10 Traits of a Successful Architect

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Architecture requires one to think big and ahead of time, think Howard Roark, ‘The Fountainhead’. You need to challenge the obvious and constantly innovate.

Some of the world’s most impressive architectural structures stand the test of time because they were first envisioned, and the right synergies conjoined to see it materialise into something concrete and resilient. Have you ever thought what it takes to think that big and out-of-the-box? What qualities should you have to become a successful architect? We bring you the top 10 qualities every architect worth his blueprint should have.

1. Think Big

Think in macro. After all everything needs to have a huge scale of operation. It is essential that you focus on and evaluate every detail minutely. You must have an eye to see how the project and its nature will evolve with time. You must think not just in terms of present but future as well. 

2. Excellent Communication

A great architect has excellent verbal and written communication skills. A necessity if you want to hold effective discussion with your team. You should be able to understand your client’s needs and convey the designs clearly to the builders, ensuring that both parties are on the same page.

3. Imagination

Imagination is as important for an architect as is logic. Imagination and logic go parallel and architecture requires you to imagine logically. Imagine your facts and data in a way so that you can bring life to structures which will motivate and inspire.

4. Graphic Visualization

A clear effective graphic visualization helps the builders and your clients understand the project in and out, eliminating any scope for misunderstanding. Graphic designs will help you avoid costly construction mistakes as well. Verbal communication can be misinterpreted, so it is advised you make multiple graphic representation of your concept to make it absolutely clear.

5. Integrity

An architect’s work relies completely on his relationship with the stakeholders. Personal integrity is vital. You have to be honest and frank towards not only your work, but also towards your clients.

6. Superb Listener

The ability to really listen is paramount for an architect. You should peacefully listen to your clients and understand their needs. In fact, you must listen keenly to the stakeholders as well, to understand the management, market, sales, etc. there are people who need to be heard because they know what they are talking about.

7. Optimistic Approach

Great structures are often products of multiple failures. If you are an optimist towards your work, there is no bar to withhold you from reaching the top. Optimism reinforces determination and makes you try again and again, until you succeed.

8. Logical Reasoning

You might often get assignments which require sufficient reasoning so that you can recommend with conclusions respect to product strategy. Logical reasoning towards the project gives answers to factors which might prove a hindrance while construction.

9. Technical Ability

To become a successful architect you should be able to effectively integrate electrical, mechanical and structural elements into the design. Moreover, you should describe the exclusive requirements of building materials. Excellent technical ability is another essential factor to build magnificent structures.

10. Collaborate

Architects must be patient and collaborative by nature. A team environment will help you design the product perfectly with the help of other architects. The design-build team is a collaboration of architects, designers, engineers, and builders.