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Indian students, especially graduates, are increasingly looking at Europe for their post-graduation studies.

Holland, the land of tulips, windmills and marijuana bars, has emerged as the biggest choice for an estimated 45,000 Indian students. Mrs. Mariëlle van Miltenburg, head of political affairs and public diplomacy, said Indian students prefer short courses because they want to pick up jobs immediately after their graduation along with wanting a foreign degree.

Indian students choose Amsterdam colleges for both education and professional development. Netherlands offers a great location for study with some of the oldest and best universities and with remarkable access to domestic and international opportunities.

Courses in Netherlands are not just offering excellent education, but also a cultural experience in an open, international, and progressive society. Degree and diploma programmes in the Netherlands offer the best options for scholarships where currently, there are more than 5,000 scholarships on offer. The courses in Netherlands encompass a wide spectrum such as management, business, archaeology, healthcare, political science, economics and social media.

If you are opting Netherlands for education, there are some must-visit places, which you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Amsterdam

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    The canals in the city make a perfect backdrop when exploring the Rembrandtplein and Jordan square. The Eastern Docklands are newly developed and enjoy being home to some above-the-edge architecture.

  2. Rotterdam

    Image Credit: Flickr

    Rotterdam is famous for its historic and contemporary art designs in addition to the many clubs and bars. The place offers great architecture and welcomes the bike lovers to enjoy around this cosmopolitan city.

  3. Utrecht

    Image Credit: Flickr

    If you get fascinated by medieval and old world castles and structures then Utrecht should be in your bucket list. The wharf system works as one of the unique features of the city which works in its inner canals. Another prominent structure is the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin. 

  4. Haarlem

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Haarlem might not be on your go-list, but it will marvel you with its exclusive collection of art and artefacts along with the oldest museum in the Netherlands. Grot market, the main two square is a must-see too.

  5. Wadden Islands

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Wadden islands lies between the Netherlands and Den Helder and is a part of chain of 50 islands and is amidst mesmerizing natural beauty. If you want to try something extraordinarily happening and adventurous, then mud walking to Frisian Islands is your call.