Hangout Places in Delhi

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A list of spots to hang-out with friends for the Delhi University students, both from the North and the South campuses.

Warm welcome to the newcomers! Wondering where to hang-out with your new group? Here’s a list of popular spots you’d quite fondly remember when the time comes to leave. Have awesome three-years of college!

The South Zone

1. Satyaniketan

A food heaven, ‘Satya’ is The place for the foodies out there. Pamper your taste buds here in pocket friendly food joints. From south Indian curries to burgers to pizzas to subway to Chinese to rolls, you name it and you have it. 

Satya is one place where one can even find happy hour and buffet with alcohol. Enjoy your Sunday morning breakfast at Idli King, Yo-Yo or kafe Montana. In fact, on that cloudy day,  enjoy your food sitting outside. Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth, Satya offers you amazing desserts and bakers to enjoy to the fullest.

2. GK1, M-block market

Greter Kaillash is home to the elite crowd and affluent families in Delhi. If you are a shopaholic especially of brands, then you would surely love this place. While you’re on your shopping spree, relish on chaat, momos and other eateries at this high-end market. From continental to Italian to Chinese the market serves multi cuisines which can start from Rs. 500 for two and go up to Rs. 3000. Bars, cafes, lounges it’s a great place to chill out and have a great time.

3. Lajpat Nagar market

Chhole-bhatoore, chhole-kulche, and aunty-ke-momos, Lajpat Nagar has it all. It’s extremely easy on the pocket, and you’ll never leave without a shopping bag in your hand. 

Lajpat Nagar Market is famous for street shopping where sometimes one can also spot TV celebs. The market is open till 9 pm, 6 days from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Monday. You can reach Lajpat nagar Market from various metro stations like Central Secretariat, rajiv chowk or kalka mandir. All these places and others are max around 25 mins to this market.

4. Hauz Khas Village

A perfect hang-out place for art lovers and photography enthusiasts. Strum on your guitar while munching on food from all over the world. HKV offers an amazing scenic view in addition to fashionable boutiques, restaurants from across the world. Located in South Delhi, the HKV is a mixture of rural and urban atmosphere to get lost in. One of the striking features of this hangout is the historical Haus Khas Complex which is standing from even before the establishment of New Delhi city. The village with its historical touch gives you insight into ancient history leaving you puzzled. Getting to this place is easy with the Delhi metros.

The North Zone

1. Kamla Nagar Market

Popularly called ‘K Nags’ is the place to go if you’re in the North campus. One of the major shopping pitches the market offers from branded outlets to cuisines for every budget, K Nags has it all. You will always find the latest fashion styles and trends to fill your closet with and be the fashion icon. Emerging as the high street shopping place for ladies’, the market is open to bargaining. During sale times i.e. February to March and July to August, the market is packed with shopaholics for every type of apparel. Commuting by metro is the quickest, easiest and easy on pocket way to get to Kamla Nagar Market. 

2. Mocha, Civil Lines

For those special romantic evenings, Mocha is just the ideal setting to spark conversations. From the vast menu come awesome food and amazing beverages, coffees, and shakes which is a must to order. The interior is just out of the box and absolutely colourful offering a lovely ambience. For those who have no idea about this place, it comes as a complete surprise. For the hukka fanatics, Mocha is the perfect place to hang out. Though you will have to hire an auto to reach Mocha, metro is the best transport to take to get to a nearby place from where you can take an auto.

3. DDA Market, Hudson lane

Low on budget with an empty stomach? No worries! Hudson Lane DDA Market comes to your rescue. Eat healthy and tasty food from numerous dhabas without burning a hole in your pocket. This market pampers students upto an extent that one can find some great rent deals too. This place is well connected through the Delhi metro from all the major places in Delhi. 

4. Big yellow door, Kingsway Camp

Economical food, great ambience and very hospitable staff, that’s what sums up Big yellow door. It is one of the most popular cafe’s in the campus. BYD is the perfect place for not only foodies but everyone. You will fall in love with food after eating here. The portions are ridiculously huge and cooked just perfectly. You will always find a queue here owing to its gaining popularity. To make their customers feel remembered, they have the concept of writing messages on sticky notes and tissues, which is an amazingly nice. 

5. Woodbox Cafe, Hudson lane

This places serves as another feather in the cap of Hudson Lane and is gaining popularity for its innovative design and delectable shakes which are served in alcohol bottles. The place is spread over two floors having an open terrace with stylish lights. Apart from the usual seating of chairs, there is low lying area with mattress on the terrace to make you extremely comfy. You will however have to keep your eyes open to go to Woodbox café as with no sign boards, the café gets the customers to play kind of a treasure hunt. 

6. Uncle Tom’s Maggi, Hudson lane

Maggi and students share a sacred bond, and Uncle Tom’s Maggi is the best place in campus to enjoy this staple food. Available in varying flavours, maggi can be coupled with shakes and mocktails. Now obviously we all can make maggi from the time we are born, but wait till you have maggi at Uncle Tom’s. Some from the menu are vinegar maggi, chilli paneer maggi, oregano maggi, and all in one maggi which has Maggi+ vegetables +Butter +Cheese + Oregano + special masala + Paneer.