8 Best Online Resources for Wannapreneurs

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Are you still biding your time as a wannapreneur? Get started with the help of these communities that provide guidance and support for people just like you. They help you channel your energies and motivate you to come up with better business ideas. Now, stop worrying about the risks and take the plunge!

Make use of these vibrant communities and become a part of the next generation of successful entrepreneurs:

1. National Entrepreneurship Network

Established in 2003, this community aims to support entrepreneurs and enable them to generate high-value jobs. It builds institutional capacity and increases access to mentorship, advice, networking and skill-building for wannapreneurs. NEN has a strong presence on major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

2. NASSCOM 10,000 Startups

Believed to be India’s biggest platform for startups, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups is the place to get in touch with investors, venture capital firms and industry bodies. The community helps wannapreneurs by providing mentorship, funding, acceleration, connections and the platform to showcase your idea or product. The website has a blog and a Learning Center that features informative and value-packed videos from mentors.

3. Headstart Network

The blog here has plenty of posts that discuss a wide range of topics, like renting office space, finding specific contacts, engaging designers and contact card providers. Headstart Network has various groups on different social media websites, such as LinkedIn, Google Groups, and Facebook. Headstart is also behind the Startup Saturday Groups hosted in various cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. These are a very useful way for wannapreneurs to meet and interact with like-minded people.

4. OpenCoffee Club

OpenCoffee Club began in London but is now a global community of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in major cities of India organise the OpenCoffee Club meetups for their city through their own websites or Facebook pages. Some of these websites have online forums and information listings that are useful for entrepreneurs.

5. Quora

Topics on Quora like entrepreneurship in India, venture capital in India, Indian entrepreneurs, etc, help wannapreneurs get a grip in the startup ecosystem.

6. LinkedIn Groups

There are several LinkedIn groups that are helpful when it comes to raising awareness about the entrepreneurial scene in India, and interacting with fellow wannapreneurs directly. Some of these groups are Headstart Network, Indian Startups, Indian Web Startups, Startup Network India, and SMEs & Startups India.

7. NextBigWhat Forum

This forum was previously called the Plugged.in forum. It is one of the oldest online communities for wannapreneurs. It features useful threads and posts, providing fresh ideas for startups, specific information about design UI/UX, tricks and tips, hacks, how tos, and other resources.

8. Hackerstreet.in

This online community provides a lot of information in the form of question-and-answer forums or discussion groups. It allows you to interact with and build relationships with other wannapreneurs and successful entrepreneurs.