Top 10 Highest Paying Specialised Courses

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We often read or hear about people landing high-paying job packages. This is usually only possible because they attained a qualification in a specialised course. Most companies today look for individuals with specalised knowledge about their industry and role. We take a look at the top paying specialised courses today. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Management:

Needless to say, a specialisation in the field of management will fetch you the highest paying packages. Institutes such as the IIMs, XLRI, ISB, etc, have graduates who usually land top paying positions in major corporates.

2. Chartered Accountancy:

An aspiring CA can specialise in fields like consultancy, cost accounting, auditing and financial accounting to name a few, and gain the opportunity to work with the Big 4 with commendable starting packages.

3. Oil and Natural Gas:

Both public and private sector organisations offer enviable packages to graduates who have specialised in petroleum, oil and natural gas, even at the entry level.

4. Investment Banking:

Specialising in investment banking and getting a good job as a fresher sets you on the path to a potentially very lucrative career. Popular employers are HDFC, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, etc.

5. Information Technology:

Needless to say, IT in India is on fire. Apart from the start-ups mushrooming all over the country, Indian brains are in great demand in the public and private sectors, even at the international level, and the pay is unbelievably high.

6. Law:

With the variety of specialities offered in the field of law, lawyers have a plethora of options at their disposal. Private practice with prominent firms can pay very well, and the pay only gets better with more experience. Law is definitely a very lucrative career option.

7. Medicine:

Specialisation in fields of medicine such as psychiatry, dermatology, oncology, dentistry, etc, followed by private practice can turn out to be very financially rewarding. Doctors are in perennial demand and have quite a few options regarding the kind of practice they wish to take up.

8. Modelling and Acting:

The industry may be a hard nut to crack, but once you’re in, a career in modelling and acting can pay very well, usually on a daily basis. Doing a series of professional courses in these fields will only hone your talent and increase your chances of finding employment.

9. Aviation:

Commercial airline businesses have been growing over the years and there is high demand for qualified pilots, ground staff and stewards with attractive salary options.

10. Business Consultants:

Market, investment and financial consultants make up the highest paid individuals in the country. The job requires a high degree of specialisation and offers lucrative job opportunities.