7 Lucrative and Enjoyable Careers

Education tips

Gone are the days when ‘lucrative career’ meant you could only be a doctor or an engineer. There are now many career options which are not only enjoyable, but well also compensated at the same time. Here are some of the careers which are becoming popular among youngsters.

1. Concert promoter

If you are in love with live shows, and blessed with oodles of confidence and excellent communication skills, then concert promotion can be a great career option for you. Along with recognition, you get to make a lot of money at each and every show.

2. Wine taster

If you are in love with wine, but sadly can’t afford the expensive ones, then why not try your luck with becoming a wine taster? There are many big wineries out there that are constantly looking for people who are good judges of wine and its intricate flavours.

3. Toy maker

If you have a creative bent of mind and are still in touch with the child within you, toy making can be a great career option for you. Many multinational companies are looking for people with creativity as well as the skills to develop versatile toys in this highly competitive market.

4. Personal trainer

People are becoming more and more health conscious. If you have an interest in fitness and personal training, then you can become a personal trainer and help others reach their fitness dreams.

5. Writer

If you can play with words and create magic with your compositions, then why not become a writer? These days, writing offers a wide range of opportunities, which you can pursue even from home.

6. Actor

The entertainment industry has grown manifold over the years and actors are in great demand. If you have good acting skills and a pleasant personality, then you can explore this career.

7. Mystery shopper

Who doesn’t like shopping, especially when you are being paid for it? Many big brands have begun hiring mystery shoppers to learn more about the demand for their products. You not only get to enjoy the things you buy, but also get paid for the time invested in shopping.