7 Struggles of Living in a Hostel

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Living in a hostel is a rite of passage. It makes you stronger by throwing daily struggles at you. Everyone who has lived in a hostel is familiar with certain daily struggles. Whether it is money problems or love problems, you have seen the ugly side of hostel life, often in the most hilarious manner. 

The Great War for Food:

Hostel food is not made to please the tastebuds. Still, every mealtime results in a horde of people trying to outrun each other to get the food first.

The Struggle for Money:

You will have that one friend in your group who is always broke, and more often than not, that friend tends to live in a hostel. Whether it is because of unusual indulgences or just a tight hold on pocket money by parents, there is always some money trouble for hostellers.

The Struggle with the Authorities:

While living in a hostel does give you a taste of independence, there is always a figure of authority, whether it is the warden or the guard. You have to stay on friendly terms with them so that they will help you out on rainy days, which sometimes can be pretty much every other day.

The Roommate Struggle:

A hostel room or dorm is not exactly a haven for those who treasure their privacy. You learn to adjust to your roommate(s) and their quirks, and face the daily struggle of disagreements, exasperation, jugaad and strained friendships with them.

The DIY Struggle:

Once you leave home for the hostel, you also leave behind the luxury of your mother or domestic help doing all your chores for you. Get prepared to clean, wash, cook and scrub.

The Bathroom Struggle:

A community bathroom is perhaps the most troublesome part of hostel life. Whether it’s the waiting or the cleanliness issues or the fight for some mirror space, every hosteller has suffered the ultimate struggle in the bathroom.

The Waking Up Struggle:

By the time they graduate, all hostellers learned to snooze the alarm until the very last moment and still manage to reach the class on time, ninja-style with disheveled hair and barely held up pajamas. 

And this is why it is still a worthwhile experience: