5 Part-Time Training Courses to Learn and Earn More

Education tips

Sadly, it is no longer enough to have done well in your exams and earned a well-deserved degree. There is cutthroat competition in the job market, and it is important to stand out from the crowd. The easiest way to improve your chances is to pursue a part-time training course which will help you learn more, and eventually, earn more.

1. Baking

If you are interested in cooking, then doing a short-term baking course can add value to your resumé. Even if your career has nothing to do with cooking, any evidence that you have pursued your hobbies and interests looks good on your resumé. The Institute of Baking and Cake Art in Bangalore is one of the best institutes that offer courses in baking. Visit here for more details.

2. Animation

Web design and animation is the talk of the town in this age. There are loads of job opportunities available for trained and certified web designers. One of the best known institutes at which you can take up a course in animation is Arena Multimedia. You can pick and choose the type of course according to your need. For more information, visit here.

3. Foreign Language

There are lots of MNCs in India, and hence the need for foreign language experts is also increasing. There are many universities which offer diploma courses in a foreign language. You should check out Alliance Francaise (French), Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (all languages) and Max Mueller Bhavan (German).  There are also many free language courses available online. Check here. 

4. Stitching and tailoring

If you have an interest in tailoring and would like to start your own boutique, it’s wise to get some training in the field. NIFT and NID are among the best institutes for this. If you wish to pursue a short-term course, you can try an ITI vocational course. For more information, visit here. 

5. Interior decoration

Interior decoration offers very good career prospects if taken seriously; there are many big organisations and companies that look for professional interior decorators. You can pursue a short-term training course in interior decorating online as well. For more information, visit here.