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For the college freshmen arriving from other parts of India, a list of places not to be missed in their new homes!

When coming to a new city, there are certain places which should be a part of your bucket list so that you take in everything the respective city offers. Get a hold of the list below of what-not-to-miss in these big cities where you’ll be spending you three-four years.

New Delhi

  1. Hauz Khas Village Having a scenic view like no-where else, HKV is Delhi’s very own art hub! With numerous art galleries, niche boutiques, and restaurants from all over the world, it is the one-stop destination for everyone. An affluent place neighbourhood of South Delhi, HKV is located centrally and brings forth both urban and rural aura. Metros give you a good connectivity for getting to the place. When going to HKV, do visit the Hauz Khas Complex which dates even before the birth of Delhi city. You will historic constructions i.e. the Royal tank or the Hauz Khas Lake, a Tomb and a Mosque all of which are from the Khilji Dynasty.

  2. Sarojini Nagar Market
    This is probably India’s cheapest and most colourful market one can come across. From food and veggies to super-fashionable clothes, Sarojini nagar market is the shopping place for not just the shopaholics but literally everyone who has ever stepped foot in Delhi. You are sure to find yourself making a trip to SN often on the weekends to makeover your wardrobe. 

    Named after the Nightingale of India, Sarojni Naidu, the market is near Dilli Haat in South Delhi. The nearest metro station is Central Secretariat and from there you may take and auto. The SN market is open from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.

    PS: Don’t forget to bargain! Start from the lowest amount you can think of. One can buy stuff even in just Rs. 100/-.


  3. Khan Market

    Acclaimed to be one of the most expensive markets in Asia, Khan Market is home to the finest restaurants, and top ethnic garment brands. You can always find luxury cars parked right outside. Beautiful ethnic jewellery is sold here for prices a little higher than one might assume, but exclusivity is this place’s USP!

    Located in Central Delhi, Khan Market offers bars, pubs and food joints for quick bites to suit your taste buds. Getting to KM is pretty easy. Take the metro to Khan Market Station via Central Secretariat or Mandi House depending on the direction you’re coming from.

    Khan Market is quite close to India Gate which is popular place for picnics especially on the weekends.

    PS- The markets remains closed on Sundays. 


  4. India Habitat Centre
    With being an architectural dream, the IHC is also host to many film and theatre events, having a beautiful amphitheatre inside. It is a multipurpose building which hosts various events for the enthusiasts like Delhi Photo festival, book launch, talk show, documentary films, and theatre. It also hosts all kinds of music and dance events internationally. The most convenient transport for IHC is the Delhi Metro till Connaught Place from where IHC is 5 kms and will around 10 mins to reach. 


  5. Chandni Chowk
    Chandani chowk which means moonlit market or moonlit square is one of the busiest and oldest wholesale markets in Delhi. From being home to authentic Indian food to sweets and delicacies of over 1000 types, it flaunts its sareeswith chikan and zari work. The market is highly congested with shops selling shoes, clothing, books electronics, wedding items and just everything. Nai Sarak is the wholesale market for stationery and books. Paranthewali gali is quite famous for the mouth watering parathans which ought to be tried.


  1. Vada Pav
    The famous Bambai’s vada pav! It’d be a shame if you go to Bombay and do not catch a taste of the well-known vada pav. This can be said to be the staple fast food of all mumbaikars and even the outsiders. Vada pavs can be found on every street in Mumbai with the best feature of being extremely easy on one’s pocket. 


  2. Sipping on tea at Marine Drive at night
    Marine Drive is sure lovely in the day, but it is exquisite in the night. Don’t miss a little cup of street chai while sitting here at night with your friends, or even when you’re alone. Marine Drive with the view of sea and the sound of water is just pure bliss! A three-four kms long stretch in South Mumbai, Marine Drive is a C shaped natural bay. It is known as Queen’s Necklace owing to its night view when viewed seen from an elevated point. The street light look a lot like a pearl string from a necklace. 


  3. Pav Bhaji at Chowpatty
    Another very well-known street food item of Mumbai, is the pav bhaji. It would be totally worth if you travel from Thane to the Chowpatty beach just for a bite of this pav bhaji. Adjoining Marine Drive, this beach is also famous for celebrations during Ganesh Chaturthi when thousands of people come to immerse Lord Ganpati idols in the Arabian Sea. Apart from pav bhaji, one should also tryout panipuri, bhelpuri and ragda patties. 


  4. Prithvi Theatre The very old Prithvi theatre is a must visit when in Mumbai. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot celebrities in the cafeteria. This is one of the best known theatres in Mumbai built by Shashi Kapoor in the memory of his father PrithviRaj Kapoor. Prithvi Theatre holds shows daily throughout the year like international documentaries and cinema, poetry, performing arts, and language. 


  5. A meal in Mondegar, Colaba

    The famous Café Mondegar is where the Colaba market starts from. With amiable waiters and delicious food, this restaurant is sure to win your heart. Jammed packed with people especially on the weekends, the place reminds you of English cafés. Amazing ambience and delicious food, the café is sure to make a mark on both your taste buds and mind. You would definitely want to come again to this finger licking food.

    P.S. Do try the burgers.


  1. Kumartuli
    Kumortuli, pronounced as Kumartuli is actually a potters’ quarter in north Kolkata. If you want to see how idols are being made on the largest scale in Kolkata, you ought to give Kumartuli a visit. One of the seven wonders of Kolkata, the clay idols of Hindu goddesses and Gods from this neighbourhood are not just supplied within India but are also exported. Don’t forget to take your camera. There is also a Ganga ghat there, which will make you forget all your worries! 


  2. A film at Nandan Theatre
    Nandan is right in front of the Victoria Memorial. This is a centre if film and culture sponsored by the Kolkata government. The auditorium screens very good art films, mostly in Bengali, and this is the only place where you can watch a film extremely comfortably in just Rs. 40. The chief aim of the cultural hub is to encourage and promote cinematic awareness in the society.


  3. Oxford Bookstore
    Of all the Oxford Bookstores that you visit, this one will instantly become your favourite. Located in the beautiful Park Street, it also has a little Café, where you can sip coffee while reading a book. This is one of the best places in the world to give adequate nutrition to your mind. You will often find events taking place at the bookstore like the launch of books, addition of cultural books, etc. 


  4. Olypub, Park Street Olypub is the MyBar of Kolkata. Also on Park Street, it is one of the affordable places to grab a bite. One of the oldest places in Kolkata, Olypub offers mutton and beef steak to die for. In fact, the place offers alcohol at prices which are surprisingly cheap as compared to other pubs in the market. This place has given loads of memories, to a large number of Kolkata-ites. 


  5. Biryani at Arsalan Ask the localites about where to eat biryani, and all the Kolkata-ites would point at this restaurant. Arsalan serves immensely delicious biryani at affordable prices so you can be sure to not miss one of those. If you are a foodie, the best time to visit this place would be during Ramzan. Ramzan brings Haleem and there can be no place better than Arsalan. 



  1. Marina Beach The longest beach in India, this place is going to relieve all the worries that you had previously. A natural beach in Chennai, Marina beach is primarily sandy. Swimming and bathing at the beach is prohibited owing to the turbulent undercurrent. In spite of this it is the most crowded beach even during weekdays. 


  2. Dakshinchitra Heritage Centre
    A centre for the living traditions of art, performing arts, fine arts, and what not, Dakshinchitra is going to feed your artistic instincts well. Built in the attempt to preserve traditional South India, Dakshinchitra is a heritage village comprising various Indian lifestyles based on the states. Visitors can play traditional games, try out art and craft activities, and view exhibitions. 

  3. Royal Enfield Factory Bike lover? Even if you aren’t, do not miss the Royal Enfield factory in Chennai. Seeing so many Enfields being made at this place is sure to give you goosebumps. Its new factory located at Oragadam, Tamil Nadu is making motorcycles, stationary engines and lawnmowers since it’s licensed in 1890. Looking at the vast infrastructure and the machines inside the factory is sure to leave you puzzled at machines.