Top Tips To Pick An Autonomous Institute In India

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College—the very word offers a dreamy picture that makes you dream bigger and aim for the stars. From the canteen gossips to the class bunking to even framing your mindset about your first job at a placement fair—college life offers very many diverse experiences to any teen who has just emerged out of the protected boundaries of school life. When it comes to picking a college in India, the sheer variety is a mind boggler. More so, autonomous colleges or universities that have surfaced recently, have made the choice tougher. Here are top tips to pick an autonomous instituted in India.

Starters First

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For the beginning, you need to gauge if an autonomous institute actually justifies being so. If you are looking this info up,then we are sure that you already know that autonomous institutes are affiliated to a government University but follow their own structural and syllabus-oriented specifications.  Make sure you check if the past batches from this institute of your preference have fared well. Take cue from past years’ results and average performance of past pupils.

Think Logically

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The logic behind an autonomous institute is that there is direct control over the syllabus and curriculum choices by the staff of the institute. As a result, students get to choose electives or combinations that are innovative and more aligned to choices than being a mere compulsion! Then again, think if the combination you opt for is actually viable for the future. For instance, you might get to study film studies and politics at once at such an institute but then, will this add value to your résumé? Will this enhance your direct academic skills or knowledge? Think twice before you jump into the autonomous boat.

Clarity Of Differences

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More often than not, deemed colleges or universities try to sell their courses to naïve students by labeling themselves as autonomous. Do make sure you understand that these are in no way synonymous with the other. Deemed institutes have their own degrees and this often turns out to be non-relevant or invalid as per University Grant Commission regulations. Therefore, make sure the autonomous institute has a clear mission and vision statement besides a clear answer to all your questions about authority!

There is no way out except for crying over spilt milk once you choose the wrong institute or college. Make sure you make a choice that does not let you regret in the near future!

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