6 Tips to Improve Your Spellings

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There are times when spell check cannot come to your rescue. Even when it does, it is not always completely reliable. Bad spellings are also a big turn off. If you feel like you’re being attacked by grammar Nazis way too often, implement these simple practices into your routine to improve your spellings.

Spell out loud: 

When you are reading or writing and come across a potentially difficult word, spell it out loud, repeatedly if required. This is another way to help the brain learn. Listening helps in memorising.

List down problem words:

Develop a habit of listing difficult words in one place and go through them frequently, for example, every night, right before you sleep. If you are very determined, practice writing them repeatedly, just like you used to as a kid. Again, this will condition the brain to memorise and retain the information.


Believe it or not, reading is the ultimate solution if you are a bad speller. The more you read, the more the brain memorises new words and their spellings. Apart from that, needless to say, reading comes with a ton of other benefits.

Practice with online games and puzzles: 

There are a lot of great games and puzzles on the Internet like the ones at www.howtospell.co.uk/spellingquiz.php. These interactive games make practising spellings a delight.

Memorise words that belong to similar groups:

There are a lot of words which are spelt similarly. Keep your eyes open, and you will come across a lot of these word groups. For instance, words which end with aire, like millionaire and questionnaire. Or the mn words, like hymn and column. Observe words that do and do not belong together, and the learning process will become a lot easier.