Forget Degrees, Opt for Diplomas

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With Delhi University admissions in full swing, a lot of students are facing the all-important decision of what course to seek admission in (and of course, which college to go to). For Indian students, a lot of emphasis is laid upon the importance of having a graduation degree. It is considered the base educational requirement; there is a general consensus that without a degree a person will not be able to succeed in life. In this article, we challenge this archaic consensus and focus on the benefits of obtaining a diploma instead.

The Convenience Factor

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Diplomas are extremely convenient in terms of time and investing money. Taking a maximum of 2 years to complete (sometimes even lesser), they offer students a chance to gain an educational qualification without having to commit a significant chunk of their lives. Degrees take 3+ years and are often more expensive as well. A diploma is therefore a very efficient, cost-effective way of getting the skills required for your chosen career path. Diplomas are also more flexible, allowing students to hold a part-time job as they get their qualification. Long distance diplomas are another convenient option for students who wish to learn from a remote location.

Who Does it Benefit?

Diplomas are ideal for students who do not want to waste time on academics. They get you on your chosen career path much quicker than your peers. Moreover, if financial constraints are a consideration, diplomas are the ideal way to keep earning while still getting that all-important qualification.

Job Oriented

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Despite the mushrooming of professional degrees specifically designed to impart job-oriented skills, the fact is, all degrees are designed to give the student a thorough grounding in the subject as well as a well-rounded educational experience. While this can be a great thing at times, there are also those who would much rather eschew the intellectual effort and focus solely on the enhancement of their skills. Diplomas have the advantage here. They are less rigorous and generally do not have any classes that don’t pertain directly to the job they are preparing you for.

Who Does It Benefit?

This is the main attraction for the students who want a fast track to a career. There are many specific diplomas that impart the knowledge, skills and attitude required for a job, that employers particularly look for. In many fields, having a diploma is an advantage rather than a drawback for job-hunters. However, students should definitely make sure they are choosing the right diploma for their desired field. Selecting a well-known diploma course from a renowned university is also extremely important.

Technical Skills

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Diplomas deal primarily with knowledge and skills. Almost all of them are designed to impart specialized learning pertaining to a specific field. Thus, though they are often derided as the ‘easy’ option, they are actually more skills and learning oriented than degrees. They can work wonderfully as a stand-alone qualification and as an additional qualification at the post graduate level.

Who Does it Benefit?

If you want to obtain a set of skills in a short period of time, diplomas are the best option. It’s a crash course in competence that can serve everyone from fresh-faced 18 years olds looking to get their big career break to older professionals looking to spruce up their skill sets in order to get a promotion.

There are many exciting diploma courses to choose from in India. Delhi University offers a number of diplomas at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in computer applications, linguistics, food and nutrition, tourism, mass media, actuarial sciences, business management and insurance training, to name just a few. For most of these DU diploma courses, admission can be obtained on the basis of either your 10th standard marks (for an undergraduate course) or your graduate degree/diploma certificate (for a postgraduate course).

Other popular universities offering attractive diploma courses include Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, MP Bhoj University and Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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