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Avid writer who loves painting his imagination using simple words, crazy movie buff, addicted to Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black, worships J.K Rowling and dreams big.

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Aayaan Upadhaya posted Habits Turned Rituals in DU If we have to describe college life in Delhi University using just one word, the most appropriate word would be ‘Insane’. College life is like a rollercoaster ride that gets over too soon but has…

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Aayaan Upadhaya posted All About Famous College Rivalries One important part of your campus life, whether you hate it or love it, is college rivalries. From competing at cultural fests and fighting over academic results to heated competitions at sports…

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Aayaan Upadhaya posted Crazy Campus Myths from DU If you are student studying in Delhi University, then you have probably heard about the crazy campus myths that have been doing the rounds of both the campuses for years. These myths are wacky and,…

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Aayaan Upadhaya posted Look Beyond Delhi University With Delhi University preparing to release its first cut-off list soon, anxious students are praying that their marks will make the cut. But for those students who didn’t get that coveted 95%, there…

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