5 Things You Only Learn in Boarding School

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If you’ve ever read a single Harry Potter book, you’ll know that boarding school casts a spell on its students. This spell, more often than not, is one that will last you a lifetime. Whether you’ve been in boarding school all your life or only for a few terms, there is a set of habits that will always be deeply ingrained in you. Some of these are:

1. Calling any tiny food store a “tuck shop”

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This is definitely one of the first – the tiny store that sells food (packaged, cooked, snacks etc) is called a tuck shop. You can always identify a boarder if they say things like “Oh, this samosa? I picked it up at the tuck shop near office”.

2. Boarders are hoarders

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Most have a specific tuck allowance per month. While in some cases, seniors are permitted to keep as much tuck as they want in their rooms/ dorm cupboards, juniors often have a certain set number that they can’t cross. This means that like Charlie Bucket, you’ll learn to hoard your food and save every morsel till the month ends (mostly because the food in the mess sucks!)

3. Cutlery = spoons and forks

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Not sure if your new friend went to a boarding school or not? Just wait till your next meal with them and watch the way they eat. If they eat their meal with a spoon and fork, as opposed to a knife, they probably were a . This happens because most schools don’t allow knives into the mess because of safety reasons. While most students do grow out of this habit, for some, it’s basically a lifelong ailment.

4. They have a special fondness for trains

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While this is not a trait that is exclusively applicable to (because who doesn’t love travelling, right?), a majority of them love trains because they’re usually symbolic of going home or going back to school (their second home). No matter how terrible the conditions in the train might be, you can always see a twinkle of nostalgia in their eyes.

5. They will always love the city they studied in

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As boarding school is often their second home, no matter how old they are, these people will always have a special place in their hearts for the cities they studied in. If you’re lucky enough to travel with them, they’ll show you all the hidden nooks and crannies they explored as children and may introduce you to the best food stalls too while they’re at it!

Studying in a boarding school is definitely an experience that everyone should go through at least once. The memories of the city, the people you grow up with and the amazing things you learn in boarding school along the way will stay with you for the rest of your life.