Crazy Campus Myths from DU

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If you are student studying in Delhi University, then you have probably heard about the crazy campus myths that have been doing the rounds of both the campuses for years. These myths are wacky and, in some cases, even terrifying. From the famous Virgin Tree in Hindu College to the scary stories about the College of Vocational Studies being built on a graveyard, Delhi University is filled with such wacky campus myths. This articles looks at some of them. 

1. The horror stories from CVS

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Of all the you can find in Delhi University, the one about College of Vocational Studies is probably the scariest. It is said that the college is built upon an old graveyard and students say that visiting their campus at night always gives them the creeps. 

According to the students of CVS, one should never visit the broken playground behind student window 2, as it is said to be haunted. It is said that whoever visits this playground will get be haunted by the ghosts of the dead long after they leave the playground. Looks like we just found the plot for a successful horror movie!   

2. All hail The Virgin Tree

Talk about ! If you are making a list of all the myths that students of Delhi University follow, the one about Hindu College’s virgin tree will top that. A famous site during Valentine’s Day, students of Hindu College believe that praying to this tree will ensure that they lose their virginity by the end of the year.

This crazy campus myth involves using condoms to blow balloons and then hanging them on the tree during Valentine’s Day. Whoever does this will be blessed by the tree and end up losing their virginity. Talk about hoping for a miracle!  

3. The rave parties of LSR

Another myth that you would have definitely heard of by now is that Lady Shri Ram College is home to secret rave parties. I know this probably sounds like the imagination of some junkie, but this many students actually believe this myth. 

LSR, one of the most reputed colleges in the country, is said to be the secret spot for weekly rave parties, if the myth is supposed to be believed. What makes this bizarre myth even more hilarious is the fact that these parties apparently happen on campus!

4. Lover’s Point at Hansraj College

This is perhaps the most believable myth out there. The famous Lover’s Point at Hansraj College, the college canteen located at the heart of the campus, is said to be the perfect place for proposing to someone. Although the name ‘Lover’s Point’ may paint a very romantic picture in your mind, this place is actually a tiny triangular place which is actually filled up with a row of eateries.   

According to legends, it is believed that Shah Rukh Khan proposed to his childhood sweetheart Gauri right at this place. As such, students find it auspicious to propose and ask someone out at Lover’s Point to have a long, committed and loving relationship.   

5. Morning and evening students are poles apart!

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This myth is actually not just restricted to one college’s campus; in fact it is actually applicable to all colleges that offer morning and evening classes. According to this bizarre myth, only the morning batches are graced with serious and studious students whereas the evening shifts are stuck with the back benchers and class bunkers!

This could not be any further from the truth. Both the morning and evening shifts of any college are a collection of diverse students that are both studious as well as carefree. You’ll be able to debunk this myth on your very first day when you realize that your batch will be filled with class toppers and class bunkers.   

So there you have it! These are five of the many you will be subjected to during your freshman year in Delhi University. From the famous Virgin Tree to proposing to someone at Lover’s Point, D.U is truly a world in its own.