Undergrad Vs Post-Grad: Which Campus Life Rocks Harder?

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One of the stupidest things you can do, as a recent graduate, is to opt for a post graduate degree just because you want the ‘party to continue’. The campus life of undergrads and post-grads is vastly different as they have different sets of priorities. We examine the different aspects of campus life on either side of the graduation line.


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Undergrad: Undergrad life is essentially a big party. Even if you’re not a party person, there are so many happening at all times that you’re bound to stumble into one. Plus, partying all night is easy when you have the option of bunking classes the next day!

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Post-grad: We think of parties as essential to the student experience but you’ll be surprised at how little it’s valued once you get to the post-graduate level. For one thing, PG students are much more serious about their academics and have little to no time to spare. Moreover, by the time you reach the PG level you value your bed and hot, greasy, junk food so much more than glitter in your nostrils and dance-all-night scenes.

Verdict: Undoubtedly, undergrads win this round!


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Undergrad: It’s the age for exploration, growth, discovery…and bunking. This is the beauty of undergrad life: you can get away with a fair bit of bunking from time to time. Of course, there are academically difficult courses as well. Another negative point is that in the Indian education system, you don’t really get to have too much of a choice in the kinds of subjects you study and it all gets over-whelming at times.

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Post-grad: A post graduate student is a default nerd. You really have no choice in the matter – or rather, you gave up the choice when you signed up to intensively study your favourite subject for the next 1-4 years. The library is your home and your dissertation supervisor is your best friend. Post grad students are given much more freedom and flexibility in terms of their schedule. However, this is only because there is SO MUCH work to be done, they’d rather you figure out how to get it all done, yourself.

The amazing silver lining? It’s that much more rewarding and fulfilling when you finally get through.

Verdict: Post-grad, because apparently you’re there by choice so you must enjoy studying.

Extra Curricular Activities

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Undergrad:  College is an exciting time to be alive. Many people go crazy with extra-curricular activities in this period, trying out all the different hats until they find the ones that fit perfectly. The competitive spirit runs high in undergrad fests so students really go all out. While it sounds incredibly exciting and fulfilling, it can quickly become a little too much to handle.

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Post-grad: Post graduate students are expected to study to the exclusion of all else. They are much more likely to use free time to get some part time work experience, earn a few extra bucks or catch up on some much needed sleep.

Verdict: Undergrad


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Undergrad: It’s incredibly easy to make friends at the undergrad level, especially since most of the students will be in the same age group as you. As everybody is equally new and lonely, people are eager to make friends. There are also many opportunities to socialize, as well as the time to follow through on all plans.

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Post-grad: It becomes a little difficult at the post grad level to make friends. The student body is usually a lot more mixed. It’s not just the eclectic collection of students; by this stage in life, many people already have their own life and groups, so they’re not really looking for new friends. Plus, there aren’t as many college organized socialization opportunities to opt for.

Verdict: Undergrad is much easier, socialization wise.

Hostel Life

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Undergrad: Hostel life in undergrad is always a bit of a shock. Coming from the comfort of your house, you are suddenly forced to endure endless bathroom lines, smelly corridors, messy room-mates and a total lack of privacy. Sure, you might find some decent hostel friends to make the process easier, but that’s not always guaranteed.

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Postgrad: At the post-grad level, most students tend to opt for off-campus housing. Even if they stay on campus, their accommodations are usually much more comfortable. Mature students tend to be quieter, cleaner and more reliable. They make for the best room-mates.

Verdict: Post-grad, hands down!

As somebody who has done both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, this writer can confirm that each campus experience is both exciting and annoying in equal measures. Of course, the real challenge lies a little further down the road. Once you start your adult, working life with the whole job, taxes and bills routine, you’ll sorely miss any and all campus experiences!