Why Is It Important To Do Post-Graduation?

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Education has evolved over the years and with each step, specialization is creeping in. This brings in the need to understand what makes it necessary to put in more years in studying. When I asked a colleague what she felt about post graduation, her instant response was that it will add to my CV. She wanted to be better educated and also be better read in a subject of her choice.

The dictionary defines a postgraduate as a student who is taking advanced work after graduation, as from a high school or college. I remember after completing my graduation in English honours, I was hooked to the literary world and wanted to study more as it would give me a better understanding of the written word. And my insight was:

  • Post graduation takes one closer to a professional goal. It makes it smoother to find that first job.
  • It makes us more ready to find a job and gives more confidence to be able to sustain it.
  • It also adds more weight to your CV, giving you wider options for better packages and better companies to work in.
  • As it’s added years of study, and you are over the excitement of being a student, it gives you maturity and depth when you walk into the professional world.

And Shriyance Jain, Director of College of Engineering Roorkee, gives you five solid reasons why it is important to opt for post graduation:

1. Post graduation is important because it adds to the base and dimensions of knowledge for the one who want to go for doctorate degree in future.

2. It also can boost your employment prospects in recession prone economy.

3. It also gives you a chance to be a teaching faculty even though you are not Ph.D but you are enrolled in Ph.D, you can teach students if you are a postgraduate.

4. Postgraduates may give you a chance of getting higher starting salary and advance more quickly for some lines of work.

5. Your increased specialist knowledge compared to undergraduates could help when applying for the same job. You can gain transferable skills including project management, research, organisation, networking and team work.

So when a friend calls up and asked if her young one should opt for post graduation in journalism or not, my answer would be Yes!

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