Top 5 Indian Scientists and Researchers

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India has had many scientists who have contributed to the world of knowledge. Whether it is in the field of math, physics, chemistry or biology, they have left no stone unturned. Here are the top five Indian scientists who have shone in their fields and earned laurels for the country.

1. APJ Abdul Kalam

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

APJ Abdul Kalam, who has been the president of India, is also a scientist. He has been responsible for many technological developments, including the Polar SLV and the SLV 3 project, which made India stand out in the world.

2. Salim Ali

Image Credits: Vearthy (via Wikipedia)

Salim Ali conducted a massive survey on birds which made him famous as the ‘Birdman of India’. He studied bird anatomy and their habitats. For his work, he was awarded with the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awards.

3. Aryabhatta

Image Credits: Mukerjee (via Wikipedia)

Who is not aware of the great? He made significant contributions to the fields of mathematics and astronomy.

Fact: is known for his contributions to the fields of arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry, and spherical trigonometry.

4. Raj Reddy

Image Credits: Vishnugsr (via Wikimedia Commons)

Raj Reddy has worked in the field of computer sciences. He has won several awards, including the Turing Award, and has been part of the faculty at Stanford and Carnegie. He has also been awarded the Padma Bhushan.

Fact: Raj Reddy is the man behind artificial intelligence.

5. Jagdish CH Bose

Image Credits: Ctg4rahat (via Wikimedia Commons)

Jagdish CH Bose is also well known as Acharya. He contributed a lot to the field of radio and microwave optics. He also had a significant role to play in the field of plant science and wireless signals.

Fact: Jagdish CH Bose invented the Mercury Coherer.