All That You Must Know About Placements

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What are job placement processes? The huge mission of graduating from a top school is to get the best future prospects from the educational value of any university. The perks of being at the best university are prestigious. Placement is the top priority of students and the only information they require is the know-how of it. Let’s take you through the basic know-how of placements

Top B-Schools have a placement or a career solutions department that actively manages  the job placement process that is supported by many students who are in house volunteers and various other faculty members along with strong alumni relations.

Do Schools Help With The Internship Process?

Yes, they do. In MBA or post graduate programs, the department of such placement process is in charge of bringing companies to recruit and select students from their premium institutes. And mind you, successful internship experiences can also help you out with varieties of corporate contacts and you might also end up with a PPO that is a pre-placement offer. So, now you know the importance of internships?

What Is The Placement Process Like?

It’s also known as a placement session or a weekly process where a set of companies arrives for conducting a series of interviews in a week, mostly during January and February. In top B-Schools, students are either placed before the final exams or soon after.

Students with lateral experience in a role are hired and considered for mid management level roles while candidates with no experience are placed at associate and intern levels.

Any Job Placement Trends You Should Be Aware Of?

There are job offers from international firms at international destinations with a steady or a growing opportunity to climb up the ladder and the average salary can be anywhere between $ 8,000 and $95,000.

Placements play a vital role determining the amount of time and money you invest at an education institution, so it’s better to be aware of the placement and the other prospects that are required to jump start your career. Consulting recent graduates and the credit rating of the institute is a must for students who wish to apply for graduation at any educational institution.