Study Zoology To Become a Wildlife Conservationist

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The beauty of earth is that it houses multiple forms of life. And I began to appreciate this during a session of cleaning the environment at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in Delhi. It was the World Environment Day and the little visited sanctuary on Tughlakabad Road had asked for volunteers to clean the place.

It was then that I learned that the more than a century old Bombay Natural History Society was running a Conservation Education Centre there. It even has a small museum, holds regular classes connected to wildlife and the environment and conducts nature walks.

While we were cleaning the place, picking up the plastic and other stuff lying around and putting in jute bags, the young Education Officer, Paridhi Jain, was talking about trees, insects and how the area is full of snakes, which come out during the rains. She had interesting tales to narrate about nature and how we need to take care of it. The Centre has a butterfly garden and does regular tree plantation drives. It also houses some rare black bucks, which are a treasure to see.

How Zoology Helps

Very passionate about her work, Jain told me that India needs many wildlife experts. And zoology is an important subject. It’s one of the best subjects to study if you are an animal lover. It is also a good subject to pick up if you plan to have a career as a wildlife conservationist. Jain tells us how studying zoology helps when you are passionate about different life forms.

1. Zoology teaches you about the taxonomic categories of all the categories of various species.

2. Wildlife and forests imply importance of all species that you learn from lower to higher categories,

3. Zoology deals with courses of environment, developmental biology, wildlife management, EIA, reproduction.

4. It has chapters on entomology, mammals, flora, and invertebrates.

5. It has practicals designed on phonological studies of trees to specimen studies of animals and invertebrates.

6. The experiments help you understand about the basics of animal biology.

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