Make The Most of Campus Life in A Small Town

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Congratulations! You’re off to college in a few weeks! Wait, what? Your college is in a small town? No need to be upset. You can actually have an incredible time in a small town campus, even though it might look like the limited options are going to restrict your fun. But as the saying goes – the devil makes work for idle hands. Not literally though! Let’s check out the few things that will make your campus life in a small town more enjoyable.

Explore the local culture

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When it comes to small towns, campus life is all about the local flavour. Every city and town in India has special traditions, habits, customs and lifestyle. You can try exploring such notable and strange ‘ways of doing things’, as well as their favorite foods. This is your chance to discover a new culture. If you happen to make some local friends, you’ll be guaranteed delicious ghar ka khana!

Discover a night-time hangout place 

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Be a man! (Russell Peters said it). Go ahead and discover the dark side of the moon.  Student life is not just about sneaking around your college campus and stargazing on the roof. You can explore the hidden secrets of your town that haven’t been discovered yet. This way, you’ll also be able to create your own hangout places where you can chill out with your buddies till the wee hours. These will be really unique and unforgettable experiences because in a small town, you might actually be able to see the stars in the sky at night!

Wander off Into The Wild

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If you are lucky enough to be studying in a small town, then all you need is a DSLR and you are guaranteed to develop a good sense of photography. The beauty of nature is definitely going to be more satisfying for your artistic side than your usual college hustle bustle. Also, in case your career choice doesn’t pan out, you will always have photography as a back-up option. Let’s be honest – you will probably spend more time in the wild than in a class.

Broaden your horizons 

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Okay, so you’re in a small town. That doesn’t mean your whole resume has to be empty. Most small town colleges, especially the top educational institutions, have a decent roster of activities. Even if they don’t, think of it as the perfect blank canvas on which you can paint your own story. Start some clubs, organise festivals and make friends with juniors, seniors and other colleagues. Pro tip: get your college invited (if it’s not already) to the big college festivals. That way, you’ll get to travel and see other colleges, as well as win a few trophies.

Watch every regional movie that comes out

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Being stuck in, say, a small town college in, you might think all entertainment options have ended. But don’t forget that this is your chance to enjoy all the hilarity that regional movies have to offer. Their storyline might be simple, with over-acting actors and under-paid actresses, but when it comes to dialogue delivery, nothing can beat them. Even a blood-fest like Mad Max seems like a laugh riot when dubbed in Bhojpuri. This also, of course, applies to other forms of regional cinema that might be prevalent wherever you are studying. Some of them, like Bengali and Tamil cinema, might even impress you!

College life is one of those unique experiences that people cherish for the rest of their life. No matter where, what and with whom you are studying, you’ll definitely never forget those golden days. And since small town campus life is one of a kind, why not make the best out of it?

(Written by Neelima Nausaliya)