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Considering that taking a tiffin box to college is sometimes considered un-cool, this is to bring back the ‘cool’ factor to those tiffin boxes.

If we look back, the most memorable and fun time in school was recess. Everyone with tiffin boxes in their hands, chatting and sharing the food. We all knew what everyone’s moms made best.

Entering the college life, we often choose the college canteen over mummy-ke-haath-ka-khaana, because, well, tiffin is just embarrassing.

But Is it really?

Here are six reasons why mummy ka khaana is always going to be your best bet:

  1. Home food is the healthiest food you could possibly find – no canteen or restaurant will fulfil your vitamin and mineral needs.
  2. Other than being full of love and nutrition, home food is also undoubtedly tasty, and free.
  3. In fact, your taste buds might get bored of outside food if will eat daily in the canteen. So, it’s better to cherish mom’s kitchen, save all the bucks and eat outside once in a while.
  4. Just like the good old school days, tiffin breaks are great friend magnets. Who knows, that cute guy/girl you got a crush on might just love that bhindi-ki-sabzi in your tiffin tomorrow.
  5. Your friends in the hostels and PGs will shower you with hugs and kisses. Seriously! Ask the hostelites, the importance and taste of home food. May be not for, but it’s heaven for them.
  6. Makes mommy happy. For once, give your mom the satisfaction of knowing that you’re eating the right food and not munching on junk every day. Trust us, mom’s are amazingly happy when you take tiffin to college.

So the judgement is clear- tiffin boxes are back in. Applicable to the day-scholars only tiffin is one thing which will get you along with even those weirdest people in the college. For the hostelites, a little push is all for your ghar-wale-dost, and you will never miss homemade food.

It’s time to munch!