Too Much: 5 Overrated Campus Activities

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Each time you tell someone you’re in college, their judgmental sensor activates and they start an investigation into your daily routine and recently picked up habits. This is majorly done in order to substantiate the assumptions they’ve created about you, in their head. So, here are five overrated campus activities you shouldn’t develop or should drop ASAP, homie!

1. Pulling Off All Nighters = Pulling Out The Last Strand of Sanity

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Remember how your friend would call you at 2 in the morning to ask how much you’d studied? Remember how you’d just sit there, blankly staring at your laptop screen with the first season finale of your favourite show paused? Post your flabbergasted reaction upon absorbing but not quite digesting this new piece of information, the only words in response to that question are “STUDIED FOR WHAT?!” Ah! The sleep-deprived nights we sat up studying, one of the best campus-life cheats.

2. Procrastinating

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Back in school, I was taught a couplet in my Hindi class, which – roughly translated in English – means “Tomorrow’s work do today, today’s work now; If the moment is lost, the work be done how”. The basic message that the poet was trying to convey was to shed all procrastination and lethargy. Regrettably, I was as lethargic and lazy as any other student back in college, so I know how difficult it is to let go of that little behavioural trait and become active.

3. Eating Junk Food – Literally Off the Floor!

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Do you feel like you haven’t eaten in days even though you’ve got like 6 empty pizza boxes in front of you? Have you absolutely and completely forgotten what healthy food tastes like, as most college students have? Do you often glare at your friends who order a Caesar Salad instead of a Double Cheese Burger with extra fries on the side? Now, stand straight and tell me your feet are fully visible and not over-shadowed by a fat belly? It’s time to go green, son! You’ll enjoy college life a lot more without that beer belly!

4. Caffeine is the only answer – NO!


Ever heard of the phrase “excess of anything is bad”? Oh, it doesn’t apply to coffee because coffee is a necessity, right? Stop justifying yourself right there! This is an intervention; you’ve got more caffeine running in you than blood, bro! While finishing those college assignments or studying at the last minute for those examinations will require caffeine to pull off all nighters, it’s time to cut back! Because, “baby, you’re addicted!”

5. Smoking

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When you see someone smoking on-screen or out on the road, you just have to get a smoke of your own, right? If your friend tells you he’s coming over, would you rather ask him to buy a box of cigarettes along the way instead of food? If you answered both of those questions in the affirmative, you are officially a victim of the WORST overrated campus activity! Painting your lungs black will only take away days from your life and money from your pockets, giving you only cancer and a painful death in return!

You’ve got to feel the need to change these exceptionally overrated habits because they are doing no good to you, fellow human. Master Yoda commands you to stop harming your health and well-being in every possible way! Change, you shall and change, you will.

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(Written by Pankhuri Sharma)