Combating Racism in 5 Simple Ways: Student Edition

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The very notion of racism seems arbitrary and baseless. The colour of your skin should not decide the way you’re treated or spoken to; it is not a status symbol and it shouldn’t make you any less inferior or superior to anyone. Tear that skin open, and you shall find that the colour of your blood is red. If you are facing some issues and are having a hard time dealing with racism, here are 5 ways to tackle racism on campus.

1. Stay positive!

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Remember to reaffirm your positive thoughts and create that aura of positivity around you at all times. This should help you remain calm and composed even when you’re under attack. Fighting racism is difficult because repeatedly being subjected to discrimination can be extremely exhausting. This makes it even more essential for you to always keep your cool and stay positive, no matter what.

2. Spread love and awareness


You must spread the love and spread awareness; because, chances are, many victims of racism aren’t even aware that they are being oppressed! The thing about racism is that it may be widely known, but its meaning is often under scrutiny as per many experts. Just as Feminism has been considered an anti-men movement, racism is often mixed with religious or gender discrimination. Disseminate the knowledge you possess and educate people. After all, how can you fight something that isn’t even properly defined?  

3. Don’t fight fire with fire


The key to fighting a bully is to not turn into a bully; so, don’t you go gang up on your oppressor. Try to have a calm discussion like mature adults and try to make your oppressor know why she/he is wrong. Fighting fire with fire is not futile in any which way. In fact, if you end up becoming a racist to fight racism, you need to apologise and accept your mistake.

4. Take a stand!


Now that you’re calm and composed, you’ve spread all the knowledge you had and even gained some, and you’ve decided to take the right approach in your fight against racism; it’s time to take action! Always remember your happy place as you deal with your oppressor, because positive thoughts shall lead to positive outcomes. While we aren’t promoting violence, it’s important for you to take an affirmative stand when being discriminated against.

5. Colour The World, For We Are The Same



Colour the world any way you wish to. First and foremost, you are a citizen of this planet before you are a citizen of any country; and as such, you are entitled to everything that a basic human requires. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve something because you’re a certain colour; because they cannot decide what you deserve and what you don’t!

Racism is a social evil. It would be naive of us to expect it to get corrected overnight. If you are a student who is studying abroad and being subjected to racism, use this as a guide to deal with it. We assure you, things will get better! 

(Written by Pankhuri Sharma)