Sexist Work Culture: 5 Ways to Cure This Gender Epidemic

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You can’t help but agree that ever so often your upcoming promotion gets delayed, but later on, your co-worker receives that increment before you. And no, women aren’t always the sole victims in such a scenario; even men are subjected to sexist behaviour. Even though we happen to be living in the 21st century, a power hierarchy has been created at workplaces based on what a worker possesses in her/his pants! Here’s a mini-guide to help you deal with sexism at work.

1. Ignorance is Bliss

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The first response to any situation is either fight or flight. People who’re less aggressive or more forgiving tend to walk away from problems and even end up successfully evading them! So, next time you hear a sexist remark or witness sexist behaviour in office, walk away honey!

2. Tit for Tat

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For those of you out there who believe in fighting their own battles and the word “fleeing” is not even a part of your vocabulary, go right ahead and give it back to the perpetrator! When someone passes a sexist comment your way, simply pass one back. Sometimes, you have to BE the bully to STOP the bully.

3. Escalate things!

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Nobody likes a kiss-ass, but sometimes you should let the authorities deal with the bullies and focus on your work. Tattletales are notorious among their co-workers, and undoubtedly feared by almost all of them. Although tattletales are known for venting out personal grudges by telling on their foes, they often become the office hero when they get a sexist co-worker fired!

4. Fight Your Battles the Right Way


The key to dealing with people is to know what makes them tick. If you’re good at reading people, you can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses. This makes it possible for you to handle any situation you face the right way. Workplace arguments should always end on a neutral note, lest one party or another were to hold grudges.

5. Peacefully Give them a Piece of Your Mind

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For one, don’t encourage sexist culture at work. When someone cracks a sexist joke or passes a supposedly humorous sexist comment, it’s best to not laugh; instead, you should voice your perspective about sexist jokes and their insensitive nature in a calm manner. The thing about keeping calm is that you can literally overcome anything when you’re not stressing about it. The last non-violent way of eradicating sexist culture at your workplace is to discuss the problem like mature and responsible adults.

A boss playfully spanking his secretary’s derriere, a woman receiving a promotion instead of a man even though both were equally qualified or the occasional joke or two about women belonging in the kitchen are some of the symptoms of latent sexism you should look out for. Spot either one of these around you and rest assured your office is infested by sexist culture! Time to bring in PEST CONTROL!

Author: Pankhuri Sharma