Problems a North Indian faces studying in South India

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India as a country is quite large and due to its geographical size, there are different cultural lifestyles in different parts of the country. Among India’s cultural disparity, the South Indian one is the hardest to adapt to, especially for North Indians. Let’s take a look at 5 such common problems faced by students who travel to South India for their higher education.

1. No Hindi

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Hindi maybe the national language of our country but that’s so not the case in South India. If you don’t know the local language and English isn’t your strong suit either, then you will certainly face a major challenge. The South Indians seem to despise the Hindi language (with varying intensities), so try to pick up useful phrases to make your life a little bit easy.

2. Food

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The biggest problem that students face while studying in Southern India is the food. Although it’s not as bad as it sounds, it certainly takes some time getting used to it. But just think about the fact that you’ll have to survive on Idli-Sambhar and Dosas for the next few years. I bet you’ve already started missing the good old Parathas and Kadhai Chickens!

3. Lungis Everywhere

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Lungis are synonymous with South India! Everywhere you look you’ll see men wearing this traditional garment. For them, Lungis hold deep cultural meaning, but for students who come to the South to study find it really amusing. It’s a weird mix of a towel and a Scottish kilt, but who are we to judge, right? Plus, you can’t hate something that has inspired a song and a dance form all by itself!

4. Maa ka pyaar

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No matter how emotionally strong or independent you might be, you’ll always miss your mom. It’s completely normal to miss your home and family when you have travelled so far for your higher studies. Especially after the culture shock that you’ll have to face, you are certain to crave for your mom’s lap. To remedy this, keep making regular phone calls back home and visit your parents during the vacations. After all, a mother can fix anything!

5. Rajni fans

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A legendary actor for the rest of the nation, Rajinikanth is practically a God in South India. He is often called the ‘Thailava’, which means ‘The Boss’ in English. People literally worship him and his cheesy one-liners are tantamount to idioms in the southern part of our country. Apart from the over-acting and stunts that are physically impossible, Rajinikanth is a pretty awesome actor and we all love his antics too much! But if you are not a fan of India’s Chuck Norris, you’d be better off not telling anyone.

Though initially living in South India might be hard due to the cultural shock, of lungis flapping in the coastal winds, Rajni worshipping fans and the smell of Sambhar waking you up every morning. But once you get used to it all, life becomes easier, and you actually start missing the place once you go back home!

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Author: Akash Deb