Tell Tale Signs to Stay Away From a College

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It is finally that time of year when long queues around University or college campuses appear commonplace. Crowds of students vying to submit applications on time, bank drafts being demanded in a  jiffy and jammed cyber cafes punching away college admission form prints– all these paint a vibrant picture of how college admissions in India appear like from afar. Amid so much stress and with hordes of colleges– it has indeed become tougher for students to zero in on one particular institution– than what we faced even a decade back. With newer colleges mushrooming in huge numbers it is vital to understand the top signs that signify that one of these might be the worst choice you ever make.

Higher Turnover In Terms Of Faculty

This does not mean that a college cannot provide employment scope to new faculty with time. However, you HAVE to avoid a college that hires and fires or loses faculty frequently. While the reasons might not be publicised in true form, if you hear ample number of complaints from ex-faculty or ex-students bout inconsistency in staff numbers at a college, it sure is one huge red flag.

Poor Placement Assistive Records

Now a college does not feed you with a made to order job after your graduate. However, it is not foolhardy to sing praises of one that offers ample support in terms of placement interviews and possibilities. In case a college advertises the same but has failed to decently live up to the same over the years, then you need to avoid the institution without second thought.

Acceptance Trends Are Vital

Make sure you read into the acceptance rates for the stream you wish to pursue at a specific college. A warning sign that must always make you decide in disfavour of a college is a higher rate of application acceptance– perhaps even over the usual number of seats a certain college can possible accommodate. This also is followed by a trend of low rates of graduating students in real time from the same college. No matter how glossy such campuses look, you need to maintain safe distance form these colleges.

The Alpha Consideration

In case you forget to verify the accreditation and affiliation to a proper university, you are making a blunder with your choosing of a college. Always check the UGC list online for a list of approved accreditations and Universities before choosing a college.