Tips To Choose The Right Bottom-Ranking Engineering College

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Engineering is a dream course at the degree level that thousands of Indian students dream of getting into. From entrance exams to counselling rounds– college admissions and selection for engineering enthusiasts gets tougher by the day. The harder part of the toil is that the bottom rankers in the JEE exams find picking the right college a tougher bet!

Get Your Game Plan Right


Before you begin to lose sleep, you have to straighten your plan right. The ultimate aim of cracking an engineering course or entrance is to severe a well paying job to begin a consistent career in the niche of your choosing. Keeping this in mind, it is important to understand that you cannot be misled in your choice of institution. So what if you did not make it to the top tier elite schools in town? Tap the middle tier schools in a way that your choice comes across as having a great placement cell, good staff and ample reputation in terms of being a fair provider of engineering degree. It is easy to be dazzled by the full page adverts, blown ups and displays of a certain engineering school promising a guranteed job four years down the line. However, you need to read between the lines to see what the real picture is.

Accreditation Tales

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Make sure you pick a college that is not necessarily a government node but has the right accreditation and deemed status in place. Often students get so excited about having landed a great college with superb lodging and campuses or one offering their dream course in an engineering branch, that they miss out on checking the accreditation. In addition to this, it is mandatory to check the reputation of the institution too. For instance, check the standing of the college from among ex-alumni. Keeping this context in mind, it is ideal to not go in for a college that have just opened doors. Being the first batch at any engineering degree college could come with complications too tough to handle!

An End Note

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Choosing the right engineering college actually influences the way you study and finally perform at a job. Thereafter, at the topmost place you must see the track record of a college for placements even if it is a mid-tier pick.  As you come far from the top 100 college list, you will eventually have to take your pick from factors such as stream options, infrastructure and location. As for the financials– with easy student loans, high college fees no longer rain a deterrent in the Indian diaspora of engineering education. 

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