Top 5: India’s Best Boarding Schools

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Establishing yourself in today’s uber-competitive age is a tough task. This is especially true for parents, who have to guide their children towards a better career and future, apart from their own work. In a situation like this, boarding schools become an option to help your children become independent and be equipped for a better future. So, to help you out, here are a list of top 5 boarding schools in India that you can opt for your child.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

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Established in the year 1859 by the son of an Army Captain, Bishop Cotton School is one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia. With a mission to achieve high standards of excellence for their students, this school is ranked as India’s no. 1 boarding school for boys. Apart from being equipped with all the major and modern facilities, they also encourage their students to take an active part in extra-curricular activities like basketball, tennis, mountaineering and rock-climbing. Additionally, they also offer house tutors for every hostel along with a chance to students to spend some free time in nature or indulge themselves in other training programs.

Popular Alumni: Lalit Modi, Virbhadra Singh, Ruskin Bond, Kumar Gaurav

Admission Alert: Admissions are only open for children of class 3rd, 4th and 5th, while the session starts from 1st march.

Contact: 0177 262 0990 

The Doon School, Dehradun:

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Instituted in the year 1935 by S. R. Das, The Doon School in Dehradun is one of the most renowned all-boys boarding schools in India. With a mission to provide all-round development to the students, the school is open for boys from all states and different economic background. Recognized by media agencies like BBC and Times of India as the best residential school in India, The Doon School is home to more than 500 pupils from all over the country. Spread across the 72 acres of land, the school follows a flexible modular program for guiding the children. Apart from the quality of academic life that the school offers, it also houses more than 23 clubs and societies for their pupils.

Popular Alumni: Amitav Ghosh, Abhinav Bindra, Rajiv Gandhi, Bunker Roy

Admission Alert: Boys are admitted in only two year groups, in Class VII and Class VIII. Entrance exam is held between October and November every year.

Contact: 0135 252 6400 

Welham Girls School, Dehradun

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Founded in the year 1957 by H.S. Olyphant, Welham Girls School is recognised as one of the top performing all-girls boarding schools of India. Famous for the standard of education it delivers, the students are also offered a home-like environment along with the best modern amenities. Home to different houses, clubs, and societies, this school, encourages each student to take part in at least one of them.

Popular Alumni: Subhashini Ali, Radhika Roy, Kareena Kapoor, Deepa Mehta

Admission Alert: Admissions are offered in Classes VI, VII and XI based on their aptitude performance held by the school every year.

Contact: 0135 265 7223 

Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh  

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Built in the year 1926 by a renowned philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rishi Valley School is famous for its holistic approach towards education. Spread across 375 acres of land, this co-ed boarding school, is home to more than 20 hostels within the campus. Being true to their principle, the school offers home tutors to students with low learning capability to solve their problems. As a part of the cultural development and mental growth, different secular programs are held by teachers in order to maintain a proper balance between an academic life and curricular activities for students. 
Popular Alumni: Varun Gandhi, Bharath Kalyanram, Chuck G.

Admission Alert: Admissions are done on the basis of the child’s past academic performance and personal interview.

Contact: 085712 80044

Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore:  

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Set in the year 1966 on the outskirts of Coimbatore, the Chinmaya International Residential School is run by the Chinmaya Mission spiritual organisation. The students here are encouraged to lead a balanced life while dealing with the outside world. Housing one of the best libraries in India, students are motivated to be updated with current affairs while preparing for exams. As the school is based on spiritual upliftment of oneself, it is one of the only complete vegetarian boarding school in India.

Popular Alumni: A.K. Marfatia, V. Thakkar, Rahul Bapat

Admission Alert: Admissions are made based on the performance of school entrance exams and the academic year starts from April and ends in March.

Contact: 0422 261 3300

With the focus shifting from just an academic oriented study to overall development of students, boarding schools are becoming a popular choice for many parents. And with the right choice, your child will surely pass with flying colours in the exam of life.

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