What to Do after Economics Honours

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In the world economy, where liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation are becoming key, Economics Honours offers vast scope. In India, the opening up of the economy after liberalisation has created a plethora of options for students from the Economics stream. We take a look at some of these.

Accountancy firms:

Many students, after completing their Economics Honours course, opt for accountancy, and join accountancy firms as market researchers or economists.


The most obvious job option after graduating in Economics Honours is that of an economist. You can find work at institutes like the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Institute of Economic Growth, National Council of Applied Economic Research, Indian Council of Social Science Research, etc.


If you have a flair for writing and can simplify Economics jargon, then you can try your hand at journalism. As a journalist, you will get a wonderful opportunity to report on business and economy, as well as analyse economic and business events.


Not many people can explain the nuances of Economics in a simple way. But if you have that ability, you can opt for teaching as a profession. Today, there is a growing demand for Economics teachers, not just in India but also in institutions abroad.

After postgraduation: 

If you choose to pursue postgraduation in Economics, you become eligible to appear for the Indian Economic Service (IES) exam. The job of an IES officer is similar to that a civil servant in terms of service conditions. You can find a job in the Planning Commission, Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and National Sample Survey.

Another upcoming career option after post graduation is in business economics. This requires professionals to analyse the behaviour of firms in the industry to determine costs and prices. As a business economics professional, you will strategise for a company’s business and analyse investments and risks involved.