How to Become a Professional Tennis Player

Education tips

Tennis is a game of passion and talent and truth be told, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. As a result, not many people try their hand in this sport. However, with proper training and a lot of hard work, you too can begin your journey into the world of professional tennis. Read on to find out more about the steps that will make sure that you reach the pinnacle of success and encash it through tournaments like ITPL.

The Early you start the Better you are

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If the child is old enough to walk, then he’s old enough to hit the tennis court for his first practise session! Most of the schools begin training children from the age of 3 to 4 years, though trainers focus more on getting them acquainted with the sport and developing their hand-eye coordination.

The actual training starts from the age 7 to 8 years when they learn to play by the rules and regulations. There are many schools that offer Mini Tennis Program launched by the AITA (All India Tennis Associations). Apart from joining these after-class programs, parents also have the option of getting their children enrolled in tennis academies or sports centres.

Tennis Academies: Peninsula Tennis Academy, Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academies

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Practice makes you perfect

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It’s not just your passion for the sport but also rigorous practise sessions along with regular workout that will pave the road to perfection. And, for that players need good training facilities where they can hone their skills. There are many coaching centres for aspiring players that offer various facilities where experienced instructors analyse their performance and train them accordingly.

Team Tennis is one such tennis academy that focuses on preparing young talents for national and international tournaments. Known for producing tennis stars like Yuki Bhambri, the coaches here ensure the mental fitness of the students along with physical.

Tennis Academy: Team Tennis

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Take Part in Tournaments

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The All India Tennis Association (AITA) organises many tournaments at different levels, including, zonal, state and national tournaments throughout the year to bring promising youngsters to the limelight. Known for organising championships at various age levels, right from U-12 to Men/ Women category, AITA also holds tournaments for wheelchair bound players.

Apart from the national level tennis association, recently, many corporate bodies have also started sponsoring competitions to make tennis a popular sport in the country. These include The Chennai Open, Sunfeast Open, Bangalore Open and many other tournaments. Participation in these matches are your baby steps to represent your country in various International Championships

Tennis Associations of India:

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All India Tennis Association (AITA) is responsible for organising tennis tournaments in India and also acting as the Indian tennis representative in international competitions. Players need to register themselves with AITA in order to participate in these tournaments. Most states also have their own association that handles the zonal and state level competitions.

Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association, Bengal Tennis Association, MP Tennis Association are just some of the regional tennis bodies in India who are aggressively promoting the sport among youngsters. The best thing about being connected with the national and state level tennis association is that the players can enrol themselves in the coaching programs under the supervision of renowned trainers of the country.

Building a career in Tennis:

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In order to make it big in the world of tennis, the players are required to play professional level tennis with years of practice and friendly matches to back them up. And, once they are an established name, they have corporate houses lined up to provide sponsorship for their games. And, after retirement most of these players start their own academies or coach promising talent who can represent the country in Grand Slams.

In a cricket obsessed country, tennis had to struggle to make its presence felt. Today, this game has many fans all over the country, and even some parents are looking at tennis as a career option for their children. If being a professional tennis player is your dream, then these steps will help you achieve it. And, who knows, maybe a few years later you would be playing alongside Sania Mirza or Mahesh Bhupathi.