Things you Miss about Hostel During Breaks

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Every college student likes the thought of going back home and taking a break from hostel life. But after a day or two, they soon realise how much their priorities and expectations have changed. Here are a few things that every hosteller will miss during their exodus back home.


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It must feel really good to come back home and meet your friends and family. But get ready to feel bored like there’s no tomorrow in a few days, without your daily gossip fix. Family chit-chat doesn’t intrigue you anymore and only makes you crave the controversial college rumour mills. And a time would come, when (out of sheer desperation) you’ll frantically call your friends who stayed back for the latest updates.


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Well, now that your back home during the break, you’ll certainly get home-made meals for a few weeks. But pot-lunches in the hostel had a very communal feeling- brothers sharing food to strengthen their brotherhood. It doesn’t get any more real than this! Don’t forget to pack a few specials mummy-meals for your friends back in the hostel as it will be much appreciated.

True Freedom:

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Now that you’re home, you’ll surely miss that feeling of ultimate freedom that you had in your hostel- courtesy of the strict house rules that made you move out in the first place. You’ll have to get back home before the curfew hours; you can’t hang with your friends and forget about your cigarettes because your mom will smell you even if you’re a mile away. The complete lack of the freedom will make you wish that the holidays got over quicker for sure.

Wardrobe Sharing:

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Not always a voluntary action, but when your roommate asks to borrow that awesome shirt of yours, you can rarely say no to your brother from another mother. So, while winter break is one time when you don’t need to share and / or hunt for clothes borrowed, that feeling of sharing and ‘caring’ will always be missed (but only after a few days). Consequently, winter breaks are one time when you get to a fresh, clean set, courtesy mom. 

Awe-Inspiring Parties:

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Nothing is better than hostel parties (and you know it)! Every weekend is a reason to party hard and let loose, but now that you’re home, the definition of party changes to a bottle of Coke and a few packets of chips. And, guess what? Your party crowd will be, your little siblings and cousins, and to make matters even worse, no music. This is reason enough to make you miss your hostel life even more, don’t you think?

Hostel life is full of freedom, freedom from the absurd rules of your parents, freedom to do what you want, whenever you want. But come holiday season all those amenities will have to be put on hold as you need to go back home (only for a couple of days) and that will make you miss and crave for the good old hostel days even more.