To Do: How to have a no-screen, family day

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Doesn’t it seem like we have entered an era where our kids have forgotten how playing in the park feels like? Undoubtedly, technology is playing a significant role in both simplifying our lives as well as ‘infotaining’ us. But, on the flip side, our dependency on the latest gadgets has started affecting our physical and mental functionality. Plus screen parenting often becomes the easiest way to take for overtired parents, who are also balancing hectic workdays.

Don’t like the picture you see? So, if you don’t want your kids to stay glued in front of the TV, laptops or even mobile phones during a mid-week holiday like 26th January or a long weekend, you can consider 5 ways to have a gadget-free holiday.

Family outing

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If you want your child to exhibit better social and interactive skills, then give them the space and environment where they can explore and interact more. Instead of the idiot box, gift them time with nature, history and culture through day-long trips. Zoos, sanctuaries, parks or historical places are all good ideas around the city. And your children will learn, firsthand, by exploring the world around them. Do ensure that it remains a fun trip, though!


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Children glued to screens (not just the TV, but also smarphones) is not a good idea for the long haul. One way to change this is to divert their mind with better alternatives. Engaging them with indoor games like carrom, chess or cards will help them to develop their mental strength. This, however, work wonders if you’re playing along and involved. Apart from building their mental strength, these games also help in developing an incredible bond between you and your child.


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Remember, it’s your responsibility to involve them in activities where they are not only entertained, but also learn something new with each passing moment. And, one of the best ways of doing this is by inculcating the habit of reading novels, story books or comics in your child. Additionally, storytelling also increases your their knowledge along with developing a creative edge. At times, it also gives them space so that they can come up with their own stories. As your child is now in the budding stage, it’s advisable to opt for stories or books that are moral based, historical and funny.

Household Chores:

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Finally, it’s a day off for both you and your child where you get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. And, you thought that the best way to use this day is by catching up on some sleep while they are busy with the idiot box. But, wouldn’t it be a better utilisation of the day by teaching them about the value of hard work by engaging them in various household jobs?

You can do this by asking them to clean their beds or help you out in kitchen or garden and emphasise the importance of cleanliness while making them responsible for household chores.

Participating in chores like dusting, arranging the dinner table or polishing school shoes can also help them earn points for outdoor activities.

Outdoor group activities:

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It’s a known fact that a healthy mind can function only in a healthy body. So, a day that does not involve sitting in a corner with a gadget in hand means a day lacking risks of future obesity and interacting with a much bigger world than a five-inch screen. Indulge in a game of badminton, football, cricket, kho-kho or just take them for a walk to enjoy the fresh air. Paintball, rolling in the mud, swimming pool sides and hammock days are also good ideas. 

Since, you are too busy with your daily life; practising no screen day with your child during weekends will not only increase your family time but will also ensure that your child has better alternatives to enjoy a gadget free-vacations.