These Campus Horror Stories Will Freak You Out

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College life is a wonderful experience that most people never forget. Though campuses in India are famous for their large infrastructure, their various facilities and their cultural fests, some campuses hold the misfortune of being famous for all the wrong reasons. Let’s get you tales from the crypts that are sure to give you nightmares. So read on, but remember, you’ve been warned!

1. Calcutta Women’s College, Calcutta University

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Calcutta Women’s College is famous for a lot of things, its huge library, its national service scheme and its popular music course. What it is infamous for, are the paranormal incidents that students have witnessed inside its campus. This college was once Governor Warren Hastings’ house. It is said that Lord Hastings visits the campus from time to time in search of some lost documents. Spooky, isn’t it? 

2. St Bede’s College, Shimla

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Why is it that most horror stories that we hear of are based in some hill station? The tales from St. Bede’s College can also be added to that list. Located in Shimla, the students studying in this college have claimed that they hear weird noises from the dining room around midnight. In fact, most students feel that something creepy is definitely going on in the campus. Looks like no one here would be going to the kitchen for a midnight snack any time soon!    

3. University of Pune

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As huge and gorgeous as University of Pune’s campus is, there is one thing that has been haunting (pun intended!) students for a while. The grave of Alice Richman, a British/Australian woman living in Pune during the colonial era, can be found on campus. The accounts of her death vary, some say it was cholera, others say she committed suicide. What’s creepy though, are the testimonials by many students who swear to have seen a women dressed in white lurking around on campus.

4. SNDT Girls College, Mumbai

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Now this one gives me the jitters! The residents living nearby have complained about hearing the voice of a female teacher teaching the table of two around 2 AM at night. If that wasn’t scary enough, they have also reportedly heard the sounds of children wailing from the college at night!

5. Madras Christian College

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It is said that a student of this college committed suicide after he broke up with his girlfriend. He couldn’t bear the heartbreak and ended up killing himself (Clichéd, I know!). The room where he did this has now been converted to a storeroom. Although he died, his presence is still being felt by many students. They have apparently witnessed paranormal activities taking place inside the campus, with most of them occurring near the ‘storeroom’. Not so clichéd now, is it?

Many people believe that these college campuses are haunted as they have seen or heard about spooky things happening there. No one really knows what these spirits want or what message they want to convey. After reading this article, do you still have it in you to check out these campuses yourself?

(Written by Deepti Dogra)