Romance Novels That You Will Never Admit To Reading

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Who doesn’t like to read love stories, absorbing fictional romances between the lead characters in the book while thumbing slowly through it? However, there are a few reads that would leave you feeling a little hot or outwardly blush scarlet.

Yes, we are now talking about those books, which you would rather not admit to. These are like your secret chocolate stashes; you would have picked them up, thinking why would someone read this, before going through it yourself on the sly. The romance novels that you would rather not admit to in public, even though you’ve read them through and through. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, while we have crawled through Epic romances that everyone should read, it’s time to turn to darker page.

 Keeping this in mind, we list out 5 such romantic books that you won’t even think of taking out from your bag when with people or even admit to reading them.

1. 50 Shades of Grey:

Written by E.L. James, 50 Shades of Grey stands in stark contrast to a typical, romance novel. A far cry from the usual boy meets girl, have sex and all that jazz, the story has also been called a wicked version of Beauty and The Beast by some reviewers. Clumsy and naïve Ana, meets Christian, a multi-billionaire who is depicted incapable of love. The two, however, get along tremendously well, after the latter offers her a chance of a roughshod relationship.

Filled with vivid descriptions of the candid sex scenes throughout the book, it leaves you feeling more than a little hot under the collar. That’s why I won’t judge if, even if the series has hogged prime space on your bedside table for weeks. The first film on the series was released in 2015, which tried to capture the gist of the series as far as the censors could allow it (see above).


2. Forever

Leaving aside conventional romances, Judy Blume’s book ‘Forever’ for young adults is a story on teen sexuality and has often been in debate over whether such content is acceptable for teens or not. Written about a teen couple who believe that their affection is forever, the book has them engage and talk about themselves at a level that was definitely not acceptable at the time when this piece was written.

Katherine and Michael meet at a party and find themselves physically attracted to each other.When the book was released in 1975, no one was even allowed to say the 3 lettered word. The fact that the two engage in conversations about their private parts and bodies was new too – for instance, Katherine talks about sex openly with her grandmother (risky!). It might seem like a normal book to you, but once you read it, you will realise how different it is from other romantic novels. In fact, listen to the author talk about it to know more.


3. Twilight:

Twilight needs no introduction! Published in 2005 and written by Stephanie Meyer, it revolves around Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a human, who meet at school and instantly fall in love. Though the books received a fan following on their own, most of the readers turned to them after watching the films. 

Though most fiction around vampires is quite explicit in nature (think Anne Rice’s Lestat series), this one is more known for an emotional connect. It sends out a message that no matter the situation is; love can conquer all. No, it’s not a Bollywood romcom. However, some parts of the story do become cheesy (just like a Shah Rukh Khan movies).

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4. Mills and Boons (The Secrets She Carried):

Mills and Boon books are a saga on their own — how else would you describe the fascination towards them generation, after generation? They are the secret stashes that women (and often men) may not like to talk about, even if they keep procuring one after another off the road, on railway stations and every place imaginable. Exchanges work in the community of dedicated M&B fans too. The storylines are often similar, with a dedicated tinge towards passion and romance, in whichever situation possible.

One such number is ‘The Secrets She Carried’, written by Lynne Graham, one of the writers from the M&B stable. Her tale ‘The Secrets She Carried’ talks about Erin and Christophe, which lays the game out in terms of hidden passions, romance and secret, insidious past stories. Though reading this book involves going through a lot of emotions, but one thing that primarily dominates the book is the love-making. No wonder, nobody accepts reading this particular genre of books.

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5. Not That Kind of Girl:

Lena Dunham is one bold woman, and you can easily see that in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, which is all about what women experience in their life, from falling in love to heartbreaks (and much more). This woman-centric novel has many instances that will make your jaw drop with such daring situations. It will certainly make you learn a few lessons while (hopefully) help you in avoiding making some of the biggest mistakes of your life.

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I’m sure that you must have read at least one of these numbers, but if asked, you would never admit to it. And, if you haven’t read even one of these, then you must be ordering them online this minute.