World’s Coolest Offices to Die For

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Offices are known for serious environment, with phones ringing off the hook, typing noises and small cubicles. But what if I told you that some companies have totally changed the meaning of an office space and have been successful in converting a fun-loving place for work. I guess, it’s time to have a look at some of the world’s coolest offices that will make you quit your job in no time!

1. Activision Blizzard, Santa Monica

Gaming pioneers Activision Blizzard decided to create a fun environment for all their employees by converting an old building into (what I can only call) an entertainment centre. This 143,400 sq feet building is now an open office space with amenities that you won’t believe! As an employee, you would be able to enjoy the gaming areas and the screening room (jealous much?). And if that wasn’t enough, you can also spend time chilling with your office buddies at the café or the lounge!

In fact, Great Places to Work ranks the office above 90% in almost all categories.

2. CustomInk, Fairfax

CustomInk is all about creativity and you see that in their office too.  Their office is full of ‘neighbourhoods’ that are connected to each other through a ‘boulevard’- a wooden plank. Each of these so-called neighbourhoods have gaming and teaming areas along with relaxing spaces. Play foosball, video games or just have a cup of coffee in any of these ranges, as they have been made keeping the well-being of their employees in mind.

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3. Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada

When it comes to big, spacious offices, Corus Quay takes the cake away. Known as Toronto’s smartest building, this 500,000 square feet space is home to 1100 employees. It includes television studios, a five story atrium and three story slide along with a lounge. The company’s main aim is to unite its employees by making work fun so that there is an increase in their productivity. With features like these, this company has certainly made its office a happy place to work.

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4. AutoDesk, San Rafael

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From white board walls to a gaming room, this office has it all! There are open spaces for brainstorming sessions that help you showcase your creativity. Bright and stylish conference rooms, spaces to hang out, private offices and a large kitchen, all of this would make you never want to leave this office (even when you are done for the day!). I bet you are already mailing your resume to this company!

5. Dreamhost – La Brea, California

Creatively designed by Dreamhost, this office is certainly the best place to work at. Instead of small cubicles, the company decided to do the opposite, and created more space for interaction among its employees. There are open as well as private areas created inside the office for the employees to conduct meetings, work or just simply relax. The place also has many places to eat where you can also opt for gaming. With bright colours, large windows and different types of flooring, this office is surely ready to stun you.

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After getting to know about all these offices, I’m sure you are thinking of moving to one of these countries to try your luck. Who knows, maybe I do the same!